Bursting the Top 4 Myths of SEO

A lot of people believe that SEO is the key to digital success in today’s world. It is not an understatement. It is highly important to be visible on the first page of search engines these days and SEO can give you that visibility. But there are few myths that people harbour when it comes to SEO Minneapolis. Let’s demystify them.

  1. SEO Delivers Instant Results

In today’s fast food world everybody expects a quick fix to problems. SEO can be a quick fix but the results achieved by such quick fix practices cannot be sustained for long term. If you want SEO to give you long term benefits then you need to invest some time into it.

  1. SEO Is All About Keywords

Most people think that SEO involves just working with keywords and stuffing your content with it to get better ranking. However, Google’s algorithm has matured and today it can sense when content is stuffed unnecessarily with keywords. Secondly, SEO also includes things like PPC campaigns, cross linking, article posting, etc which is equally important. SEO is done on page as well as off page.

  1. SEO Focuses Just On Content

Most people think that SEO best practices apply only to content of the web pages. But there is a technical aspect to SEO as well. You have to think about page name, URLs, meta data, image alt tags, use of scripting code, etc as part of SEO.

  1. SEO Can Be Done By Reading Books

Not everything can be done by reading things online. SEO is a specialist practice which requires a proper training and long-term experience. It is an art that has to be practiced with great discipline on a daily basis to get good results. Books can only teach you so much in SEO.