High Tech Investors See AI as a Promising Investment Area

Did you know that in the last couple of years Google has invested millions in a project to increase their own revenues and mainstream journalism? Currently in its third year, the Digital News Project is claiming £25 million this year. The activities are making Google a technology strategist forging ahead with artificial intelligence via natural language processing.

The Digital News Project


This is AI taking the place of a human writer to create news pieces which appear to have been written by living, breathing journalists. It’s not easy to replicate the natural language and creative process but clearly, as Google are interested in developing this further, there is potential for implementation. AI has progressed significantly in the last 5-7 years so what once seemed impossible is becoming increasingly probable.

Google, the UK Press Association and journalistic operations in 27 countries are working with AI and technology start-up Urbs Media who provide the automated journalism via their innovations. Their software scans websites, collects relevant data and creates news reports for print and online media.

The Register states that the UK Press Association’s RADAR project will receive £800000 or more whilst Wikipedia, Al Jazeera, Full Fact and Dennis Publishing will secure lower amounts. Thousands of articles per month will be produced via Google for use across the media.

Google’s aim is not necessarily to support the journalism sector in a digital era, the engagement with AI and natural language processing technology is primarily about revenue and this will come via two routes.

Advertising is a core revenue stream and the ads will be positioned adjacent to the thousands of articles which result from the Digital News Project.

The second stream is through future applications of AI and natural language processing tools.

As the number of voice command devices increases so too does the potential for this technology to be adopted in a wide range of products, negating the need for today’s staple tools like keyboards and GUI’s.

Think of Google’s high-tech investment as an initiative in advertising and in the technology sector in which resources are being discovered and optimised so that they can become the bedrock of our digital environment.

Chris Galley is a widely experienced, reputable technology strategist and angel investor. He works on the team for Thames Valley Business Advisors and is a CTO and director who works part time with businesses. He is also a freelance tech consultant. He is perfectly placed as a technology strategy consultant and as these innovations take their place in the sector he would be happy to aid your projects, research and uptake of technology.

His ability to join viable projects as a technology angel investor strengthens a company’s operational, developmental and market sector position.

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